January - Murphy's Motor Service opened for business full time.

My main type of work was general machining and automotive machine work on everything from Kohler to Caterpillar.

1991, Made my first high ratio roller rockers, JD UnStyled A, by hand on a Bridgeport mill.  

Bought my first CNC machine, a Boss 6 Bridgeport in 1997. Was a major learning curve, learning CAD CAM and CNC G code.

We soon needed faster and more accurate production.

1999, December 23, took delivery of my first HAAS machine, a new VF2. Started focusing a little more on parts manufacturing.  

May, Made my 1st rocker arm on the new VF2, an M Farmall. I was working by myself and buried in automotive machine work. Had a few days of slow time and started writing a rocker program for the VF2. I had been working on it for a day and a half. My body went home that evening, drank a couple beers and cooked something on the grill, but my mind was still at the shop. I told my wife I was going back to work. About 4 the next morning I hit the start button on the VF2 and ran a complete program cycle. When it came to the end I was literally shaking in my boots! I had done something!

I quit every day driver work and concentrated on performance work.

2003, Purchased a used 2001 HAAS SL20 lathe.  
2006, Early, Was getting burnt out on performance work and wanted to get heavier into manufacturing.  
2006, Late fall, God intervened and dropped Jerry’s Welding & Machine (2 cylinder JD parts) in my lap, and we were into manufacturing full time. We spent the next six months reverse engineering and generating head, block, and manifold prints.  
2007, Did our last engine build in the summer of 2007. Made 1st JD G blocks, heads and manifolds.  
2008, February 6, took delivery of a new HAAS VF4. That day just happened to be my 50th birthday.  
2012, December, Purchased the 40X60 steel building next door to our original building to expand our CNC department.  
2013, Totally rehabbed the new building by late fall.  
2014, February 18, We moved all our CNC equipment to the new building. That same day we took delivery of a new HAAS VF2SS.  
2015, December 1, On December 1 of 2015 we took delivery of a new HAAS EC1600, and with this machine the new building is now full.  
2017, 1st JD G 8" bore blocks and billet main bearing housings.  




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